Patient Demographics Entry services

Healthcare organizations understand the importance of patient demographic data, as it contains every specific detail related to the patient. Every single piece of information provided in the patient demographic sheet is essential in medical billing and coding, as it directly affects the insurance claims payment.
Error-free patient demographic entry is required for claims submission, as it provides accurate data that facilitates quick processing of the insurance claims by the insurance company.

Accurate Data Improves Payment Collection

Patient Information Validation

Once we receive all the information from the client, our team of medical billing experts will thoroughly review all the documents provided in the file and validate the information. We ensure that all the information is correct and accurate before we enter the data into the medical billing system. If any document or information is missing, we immediately contact the client and retrieve the information.

Patient Demographic Entry

After all the patient data is correctly validated and checked, we enter the information into the medical billing system. As this step is critical and is responsible for the claims to be settled, we ensure that the information is accurately entered without any errors