Accounts Payable Automation

Increasing invoice volume, greater process complexity and ongoing pressure to do more with less – this is the new normal for accounts payable (AP) departments. You have a core financial system in place to manage your transactional data, but what about the information and documents your team has to manage outside that system? What about the manual processes and piles of paperwork putting stress on your AP team?

Transform your department with accounts payable automation, a unique set of solutions driven by our industry-leading content services platform, HH Back Office Services. With intelligent data capture, workflow automation and seamless integration with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, you’ll improve visibility, gain control and increase efficiency across each stage of your accounts payable processes

Speed up the Accounts Payable Automation with HH Back Office Services


Anytime you type or write by hand, there is a possibility you will get a number wrong. One of the main job responsibilities of an accountant is to check and then double-check for simple math errors.


By automating your accounts payable process, you relieve workers from monotonous tasks and free them to use their skills in more productive ways. In most cases, invoice processing is primarily focused on reading and entering figures, then checking them for accuracy.


Even though it might seem that automating accounts payable could make you less aware of the day-to-day operations, the opposite is true. By pulling only relevant data and presenting it only to relevant parties, automated accounts payable gives you more oversight possibilities.

Streamlined processes

Even the best manual approval process hit snags where some supplier invoices or payments may fall through the cracks. Accounts payable automation lets you automate the approval and entire workflow process, including checking to make sure that billed amounts are correct and that all relevant parties are notified and approve the expense at appropriate intervals.

Record keeping

By automating your accounts payable and using a transparent, digital process for this critical business function, you're also creating a digital trail that anyone can follow. If you have stacks of paper forms in a file cabinet somewhere, you know that sometimes paper gets lost, along with critical signatures.