Account Receivable Services

HH Back Office Services provides accounts receivable outsourcing services that improve collections, along with the company's lifecycle from order to cash. Our accounts receivable implementation is in accordance with the best practices and delivers frequent analysis, automation, reporting, improved communication and flexibility. The practices cover collections, credit, cash receipts and applications, payment terms, individualized contract management, and electronic and paper-based procedures for billing.

We keep you informed about your customer relationships and receivables through our regular reconciliation and analysis provided all through the order to cash cycle. We recognize and resolve any causes for payment delays in the course of our efforts towards continual improvements.

Benefits of HH Back Office Services AR Solutions

Contract Management

Streamline creation and review of customer contracts and store them in one, central location for amendments and contract lifecycle management.

Sales order processing and fulfillment

HH Back Office Services automatically identifies and extracts order information and sends it into your order management and accounting systems.

Payment processing

HH Back Office Services automatically extracts and validates remittance and check information, posts payment information to your accounting systems.